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For a cost effective recruitment partner who actually listens to what you want and what your business needs.
We use our industry knowledge to give you the insight that will best support your business. Even if that means having tough conversations about challenges and obstacles you might face, we’re ready to face them with you.

The Journey to Your Successful Candidates Starts Here!

1. Role Consultation

We gain a full understanding of your business, demands of the role and the level of service you require over a cup of coffee.

2. What/Who do you need?

We comprehensively explore the requirements of the vacancy as well as gain an understanding of the best personality fit for within your operation.

3. Database Search

Our ‘go to’ process is searching our database for tried and tested candidates as well as readily available/referenced personnel.

4. Advertisement

In the meantime, we run an advertisement campaign using an array of job boards, social media platforms and our website to attract new talent.

5. Shortlist

Using the information, we have obtained, we create a shortlist of candidates that accurately match the specification. Using internal processes, we collate CV’s from our database and bespoke advertisements.

6. Interviews

Either face to face or over the internet, we interview every candidate in order to gain a full understanding of their skills, experience and personality.

7. Induction

We take control. Your designated account manager will take control of your induction to maintain audit compliance. We integrate company information, holiday/sickness processes and necessary information.

8. Site Tour

Typically integrated into your Induction, we show the candidate the working environment. This gives the candidate an insight into the position they will be carrying out as well as meeting other team member for first day familiarity.

9. Start Date

A Zeus representative maintains contact with the candidate regularly prior to start date. On their first day we reach out to ensure that they are on route and all set for their new role. Once started, we call our point of contact to check the candidate in to work.

10. Onboarding

During the first 12 weeks of a candidate’s assignment, a Zeus representative will visit your operation at least once per week. We will offer a line of communication to our candidates and check in for feedback from our Client.

11. Retaining

We work with our clients to build a solid Employer Brand and maintain the personnel we have onboarded. This is a service tailored on a ‘client by client’ basis.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for your business, drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

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